My journey with health, weight & fitness

It was 2008. Oh my word! But I can’t have put on that much can I? Maybe the scales are wrong. . . Unlikely! Age 32 and 15 stone/95 Kg . . I may be 5ft 11 but it was clear the lbs had crept silently up on me . . What had I done… Continue reading My journey with health, weight & fitness

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A Chronic Christmas . .

People rushing about and getting all stressed . . Yup that's the spirit or tradition that is Christmas in 21st century. So how do you keep up when your energy resources simply don't allow for this manic behaviour. . . Actually that's the wrong question. Why do we feel the need to run ourselves ragged,… Continue reading A Chronic Christmas . .

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Assume . . It makes an ASS out of U & ME

Assumption: The Oxford dictionary defines it as : A thing that has happened, is likely to happen but with no proof. . . But why let facts get in the way of a good story right? "Those toilets are for disabled people not for you to have more room to do your makeup." "Disabled bay… Continue reading Assume . . It makes an ASS out of U & ME

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Parkinsons Hard choices

An interview wow! Delighted and really wanting the job I drive eagerly the next day to a Business Park in Falmouth. Two days earlier hubby pipes up . . "There's a job for you here. A fit model" . . After long laughter (me not him) "you're kidding" I read more and realise it's not… Continue reading Parkinsons Hard choices

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1998 – 2019, 21yrs . . But life does carry on

So 21yrs ago today I clicked my suitcase shut along with my life that was my bedroom with my mum and dad in West Sussex. "You ready?" Mum says. I gave my dad a massive hug, I'm not actually sure who hugged who tighter. I was scared, excited and dad said with the tightness that… Continue reading 1998 – 2019, 21yrs . . But life does carry on

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Sea Glass?! That’s Pebbletastic By Heidi Reynolds

Big Glass jar! I looked at the big glass jar in the corner and realised I had quite a collection! But what was I going to do with it! I’m Heidi owner and artist behind Pebbletastic Sea Glass. I collected glass just casually every time I was on the beach. The odd bit of driftwood… Continue reading Sea Glass?! That’s Pebbletastic By Heidi Reynolds

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Awareness month. Parkinson's, Cancer, MS, we are all allotted a month or day to bang the drum loudly about life with a chronic or progressive condition. It's great we get the journalists all running around really wanting to tell our stories and a mass saturation of the market or public arena. . But then like… Continue reading Awareness

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Finding the right balance!

Life! I needed to find my own equilibrium  . . until I'd reached utter saturation point I hadn't realised how vital this would prove. I listened to the lovely lady from Occupational Therapy genuinely believing her . . but the moment she left whoosh off I went again 500mph Heidi. My diagnosis of Parkinson's in 2014… Continue reading Finding the right balance!

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I did it . . I actually did it

Finding the common ground I can, I will, I have . . I walked out of work, clunk click went the gate behind me. That was that 16yrs, age 38 and “it”, my career as a Police Officer, had come down to a clunk click and a train journey home. This diagnosis of Parkinson’s really… Continue reading I did it . . I actually did it

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My non artistic non creative sea glass hobby!

Art and me. Me and art. . . However you put those together read every school report (ask my family, especially my mum who had to try and guess the delights of my latest creation at school) each said the same "Heidi tries hard, she creates (and I quote ) . . some interesting designs". . It's a harsh word at times "interesting" . . .