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My non artistic non creative sea glass hobby!

Art and me. Me and art. . . However you put those together read every school report (ask my family, especially my mum who had to try and guess the delights of my latest creation at school) each said the same "Heidi tries hard, she creates (and I quote ) . . some interesting designs". . It's a harsh word at times "interesting" . . .

parkinsons disease

Me, Mr P & Cath . . Parkinson’s you’re never alone!

It scared me to death when the nurse said it. . . Not only had I not thought there was an issue and this was all a fuss over nothing but now she was talking about me doing what to myself. Right so give me my water retention tablets and I'll be off So let's… Continue reading Me, Mr P & Cath . . Parkinson’s you’re never alone!

parkinsons disease

Stress and Parkinson’s

  I watched a TV program tonight that stated that stress is a modern epidemic. It causes half of the sick days that are taken. Stress can worsen cardiac problems and have serious adverse effects. We are advised when diagnosed with Parkinson’s that we should avoid stress but with modern life how does that work?… Continue reading Stress and Parkinson’s

parkinsons disease

Tonight’s efforts ! By Clare Lindley

A few months ago I wrote a poem, a poem to share with people who care. People really care about me you see. It's strange this feeling the poem has given me. How can a girl, someone like me. Put pen to paper and create such poetry. I have no idea and this remains a… Continue reading Tonight’s efforts ! By Clare Lindley

parkinsons disease

Parkinson’s. . Well where do I start by Clare Lindley

Written by SLTPD Member Clare Lindley who kindly allowed me to publish, with many thanks to her for this great insightful, uplifting yet very real piece.  Parkinson's disease (PD)- well where do I start. I was diagnosed at age 30 and it broke my heart. Some dark days then followed and the tears they came… Continue reading Parkinson’s. . Well where do I start by Clare Lindley

parkinsons disease

Pure imagination . . . Living there you’ll be free

If you've ever seen the musical version of Ronald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory then "Pure imagination' is the song Willy Wonka sings as he greets his motley crew of different shaped and sized guests (ok with varying attitude problems apart from the loveable Charlie. . . Of course!) So what on earth does… Continue reading Pure imagination . . . Living there you’ll be free

parkinsons disease

Health Services Co-ordinator

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 11 years ago and I didn’t realise at the time but I was also being appointed a Health Services Co-ordinator. I guess it must have been hidden somewhere in the small print. It is an extremely responsible worthwhile job but it is unpaid.   There are some good and excellent… Continue reading Health Services Co-ordinator

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Hello there, I would like to thank Heidi very much for asking me to share my blogging & journey with you. I'm very grateful to be asked to be a contribute my blogs to our lovely group. This may sound strange, but introducing myself is something I would never have dreamt of doing until I… Continue reading GETTING TO KNOW ME

parkinsons disease

2018 A Blank Canvas . .

You have a whole year stretched out in front of you. How will you fill it? I'm sure you've made some resolutions or pledges of change, out with the old. Maybe just hope of a good or better year. Well is your canvas! You wake to it each day. . . What will you change… Continue reading 2018 A Blank Canvas . .